Family Counseling & Therapy

Family Counseling and Family Therapy, Keeping Your Family Unified
Each family is very unique in how it is structured, how it functions, and how it communicates. Family counseling and therapy can provide many advantages such as providing a safe nonjudgmental environment and gaining awareness of the dynamics in the family. A family therapist is able to observe from an objective perspective and can assist in determining what issues may be causing discord in the home environment.

I believe it is essential to the therapeutic process to allow each member of the family time to be heard and validated. As a family counselor, it is my goal to assist the family in determining what the family stands for, what the family wants to achieve, and develop steps to work towards their goals. By reducing conflict, increasing effective communication, and reducing anxiety, members of the family can begin working together and stay focused on individual as well as family goals.

Balancing Family & Life.If your family is not working together, having too many conflicts, members holding on to too much resentment, or is not effectively communicating, then give me a call and lets see what I can do to help get your family unified.