Couples/Marriage Counseling

Couple by water. All couple’s have good times and low times…this is natural. When a couple starts struggling with communication issues, lack of trust, sexual dissatisfaction, or anger issues counseling can help get the couple back on track and moving forward. The best thing a couple can do when conflict first arises is seek treatment. Often times one or both partners will avoid conflict and this leads to distance and resentment in the relationship which only grows over time.

Couple walking on path to recovery. It is my goal in couples counseling  and marriage counseling to provide each couple with new problem solving tools, teaching emotional regulation and how to stay calm during conflict, a more effective communication style, and to increase overall connectedness and stability in the relationship. Even if only one partner is willing to participate in counseling, this will bring change and can assist in changing the dynamics of the relationship and bring more harmony.

Most relationships will have struggles. You don’t have to wait until the relationship is falling apart to seek guidance. Give me a call today for a free 10 minute consultation and lets see how I can best assist you in your relationship.